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it's not about doing more marketing, it's about finding the *right* strategies that work for you and your business 😍

(what a relief, right?)
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Social media really is just one small piece of the holistic marketing puzzle

Don't get me wrong, I truly love social media but here's some real talk: The really successful brands, the people who are truly *killing it* are leveraging more than just social media to sell out their products and services to become sought after brands.

You’ve signed up to receive their emails, seen them at events, saved their pins, followed them on other platforms, heard them on a podcasts and it feels like you see them mentioned everywhere you look.

This didn’t all happen by mistake, or simply because they were using a single social media platform to market their business.

Instead they used holistic marketing strategies and tactics that worked for them and their businesses, that helped them reach more of the right people while at the same time positioning themselves as the must-have brand in their niche - and you can do all of this too!
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1:1 Coaching - 1:1 personalised support for the biz owner ready to algorithm proof their business and take massive action towards reaching their goals.
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Unpack This! The Podcast. Inspiration, expert opinions and actionable advice to help you build an ethical and sustainable business, that you love.
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A one-off 60 minute 1:1 session with me where we can discuss all things marketing, business and mindset to help you cultivate a plan and grow your biz.
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Hey, I'm Kristy

I’ve been marketing incredible  small businesses just like yours for over 15 years!

I have worked with more than 50 brands to develop and execute global, national and local marketing, content, social media, PR and sales strategies.

Right now, I get that you might be feeling frustrated, like you’re fighting the algorithm trying to get your message out into the hands of your ideal customers.

And you know what? I’m kind of frustrated too… I’m tired of the ‘success stories’ of businesses that have only ever used 'organic social media' to market their business, while at the same time I’ve seen them in the background running ads, pitching to be on podcasts, giving their products to content creators, building their email lists and running YouTube channels (to name a few). 

I want you to know the truth, I want to help you get off the social media hamster wheel -  to be able to market your business in a way that feels so damn good for you.

You have something amazing to offer, you just need more people to know about it.

It is possible for you to become a must have brand without a huge marketing budget. To build a community of raving fans, to sell out your product or service and to have brands, creators and magazines approaching you because they want to be a part of your story.

I work with my clients 1:1 so we can co-create a holistic marketing strategy that feels really good for you, that connects with your customers and makes you more sales.

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Are you ready to become an internationally recognised, loved and sought after brand?

Together we will create and implement the *right* marketing strategies and tactics that will help you show off your small biz and make have you making more sales.

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Unpack This!

The marketing and mindset podcast for product based and eCommerce business owners looking for weekly inspiration and expert opinions.

Join me every week as we unpack ideas, concepts and strategies to provide you with actionable advice to help you grow your business.
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