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April 13, 2020

7 simple ways to grow your personal brand online

by Kristy Pask

Firstly, before we get into the seven simple ways you can begin to grow your personal brand online, I do have to state two BIG things. You need to STOP overthinking it and overcomplicating it.

Believe that it doesn’t have to be hard and that you can do it.

When your starting out it’s easy to get caught up in thinking that you need to have some elaborate, time consuming, (sometimes) expensive strategy set out. But I am here to tell you that is just not the case, there are so many very simple yet super effective things that you can start doing today that are going to grow your personal brand and online business.

1. What do you want to be known for?

Start with the foundations, truly uncover what it is you want people to come to you for. Get clear on how your help people and give them a reason to follow you.

Create content specifically around this, give away your best tips and tricks, draw people in with what you know and how you can help.

Stay on point as much as you can, become the expert, give people a reason to stick around, support you and recommend you.

2. Get clear on your niche.

Knowing your niche allows you to build up and demonstrate your expertise within this area. Become known for who you are and who you help - specifically.

Really niching down allows you to build a stronger level of trust and credibility , your audience will feel you truly understand them and their pain points.

As your brand grows and you really become known as the expert, you can begin to widen this.

3. Collaborate with others

Collaborating with others is one of the best ways you can reach a greater number of people.

Identify businesses that service a similar niche to yours and look for ways you can work together, this might be a joint LIVE on FB or IG, a blog swap, a podcast interview, a service or product exchange etc…

Associating with other reputable brands can also attribute a greater level of trust and credibility to your brand also.

4. Create valuable content

What does your audience truly need from you right now? What will help, inspire, educate and entertain them, right now and in the future.

Evergreen content is content that doesn’t go out of date. It will be just a relevant today as it is in 6 or 12 months time.

Time sensitive content as the name suggests is time sensitive! It might not be relevant in 6 or 12 months but chances are it will be highly valuable right now.

5. Create shareable content

Maybe it’s a video that’s highly valuable, a quote tile that really sparks inside of them or a caption that brings on a true ‘ah-ha’ moment.

When your audience feels truly inspired by your message it can increase the chances of them sharing it to their own audiences, which then also increases your reach.

6. Relationship marketing

Nurture your following and turn them into raving fans. Answer their DM’s and start conversations, provide feedback, answer questions, reply to comments, make sure they are the first to know about anything and everything you have to offer.

True fans are loyal, they will recommend you and your service or products if you continue to look after them.

7. Be Authentic

Be yourself! Yes, it seems obvious, but it’s so easy to get caught up in who you ‘think’ your audience wants you to be and who you really are.

Reality is, there are probably 100’s of people doing just what you do. The best way to stand out and set yourself apart is by simply being yourself.

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