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August 10, 2022
Episode 37: 5 Common mistakes that are slowing you down

Some mistakes are obvious, others kind of sneak in there, slow us down and leave us wondering why we feel stuck.

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July 21, 2022
Episode 36: No pain points, no problems. Here's how to market your business instead

Marketing doesn't always have to focus on pain points, so lets chat about aspirational marketing and how you can use this for your barnd.

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June 23, 2022
Episode 35: Is it really time to walk away from Instagram?

Is Instagram dead? Is it time to jump ship and focus on a different social media platform instead, maybe TikTik?

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June 8, 2022
Episode 34: Find more customers and make more sales with clever SEO with Rachel Green of Shine Copy

Want copy that connects with your audience and provides all of the google goodness? Of course you do!

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June 1, 2022
Episode 33: Why does marketing feel so hard right now?

Feel like you're doing *ALL* the things and still not reaching your people? You're not alone. So how do you make marketing easier?

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May 25, 2022
Episode 32: Growing your eCommerce business (and the truth about Facebook Ads) with Anna Shipley of Flourish Digital

Facebook Ads… Worth it or just a waste of money?!

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May 18, 2022
Episode 31: Why going viral isn't a viable PR strategy with Anna Scott PR

Going viral is never going to be the silver bullet. Here's what you should be focusing on instead to grow your business

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May 11, 2022
Episode 30: How to show up online when you don't feel like the expert with Rachel Kurzyp

Ready to claim your expertise and show up online as the expert you are? If so, this episode is for you.

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May 4, 2022
Episode 29: 4 Essential marketing tasks you might be overlooking

These aren't the flashy obvious things you need to be doing, but they are essential when it comes to marketing your business

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April 27, 2022
Episode 28: Finding the right content channels to market your business with Mariah MacInnes

There’s a whole lot more to content marketing than just creating content for social media

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