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June 30, 2021

Episode 13: 3 Reasons you might not be attracting your dream clients.

by Kristy Pask

About this episode.

Wondering where your ideal clients are and why you can't find them? This episode might just help you. In this episode I am sharing with you 3 reasons you might not be attracting your dream clients and they might not be the reasons you think. 

These 3 things will not only change the way you think about your ideal client but will also help you to get clear about what you need to do to attract them. 


Hello and welcome back to another episode of The Business of Perfectionism.

My name is Kristy and I am a mindset and marketing coach helping creative entrepreneurs build businesses that feel good for them so they can create impact and income doing what they love.

Today I wanted to dive into a Marketing chat with you that I am really hoping might help you better understand why you’re not attracting more of your dream clients. 

I know I have done this before too, you feel like you’re working around the clock, you’re doing everything you can, you’re all over social media, you’re creating content, collaborating with others, sending emails BUT you feel like you’re struggling to find your people, you’re dream clients.

And so today, I wanted to share more on the reasons this might be happening and give you some tips on how you might be able to turn this around. 

So, the first reason I have here, that might be the reason you’re not attracting your dream clients is….

Because you aren’t clear on your niche. 

Now, before we dive into this one there is something I want to clear up about Niches.. . I see a lot of misinformation out there about what a niche actually is. 

Your niche is not the person you want to work with, it is not your ideal client - so your niche isn’t women aged 25-34, living in the city, single etc etc etc..

You Niche, is actually what you do… It is what you do and how you help people or the products you offer - your niche should be super specific to what you do and especially how you do it. 

So let me give you a couple of examples…

Let’s say you’re an interior designer. 

And you could be one of hundreds or thousands of interior designers in your area, what is going to make you different, what is going to drive the right people to you, is getting super specific on how specifically you work, and how you help people.

So, back to the example…  You’re an interior designer. 

You specialise in Bathroom and Kitchen Design.

You’re known for designing or redesigning bathrooms and kitchens from scratch using computer aided design.

Your designs come compete with custom cabinetry and joinery providing the client with unique design solutions, custom made for their homes. 

You service a high end client who is happy to spend in excess of $100k for one of your finished kitchens and bathrooms. 

Your designs are modern, clean and high end, complete with high tech, designer finishes and appliances. 

Now we could drill down on that even more and continue to get even more specific but you can see from this example alone how different that would be from just saying you’re an interior design, or you design kitchens and bathrooms in a specific geographic area..

When you’re getting super specific on your niche, what it is especially you do and how you do it you’re really able to use this to attract the right client. 

If it’s not clear that your service is high end then yes, chances are you’ll have people contacting you who only want to spend $25k on their kitchen but maybe they found you on social media and they like your designs so they reached out. 

And while this might not seem like a major issue, for every person that contacts you that isn’t the right person for you, do you assume that one ideal client is just passing you by because they don’t know, it’s not clear to them that you are who they’re looking for - that they are your ideal client.

You are who they’re looking for, the service you offer is exactly what you provide. 

And so if you’re not clear on your niche that means you’re probably not communicating what it is specifically you do.

So maybe people aren’t able to find you, you’re not coming up in the search, they’ve not heard of you - or they’ve heard or seen of you however they assumed you did something else because you haven't’ made it clear

And then you have to think of all of the time you're potentially wasting, getting back to enquiries and sending information back to people that are never going to work with you, not seeing the right opportunities that are right in front of you because you’re busy getting through these other enquiries. 

Or on the other side of this, having all these people come to you who really aren’t your ideal client but it seems to be who you’re attracting so you decide to take the work anyway because we all need to be paid, but then you spend all your time working on projects that really just don’t light you up but it feels like it’s all you have and this is just what you have to do.

BUT if you just take some time to get super specific, work out your niche and create all of your content for them and make it really clear who you are and what you do, the right people will find you, they will track you down and you will get to do the work you are here to do.

So, the second point… One of the reasons you’re not attracting your dream clients - Mentioned ideal client before and that’s what this one is - you’re not sure who your ideal client is, is very likely a reason you’re not finding or attracting your ideal clients…. 

Now, again…. A lot of information out there on this one - some I don’t necessarily agree with but so many people do it because the gurus have told them too. 

When you're thinking about who your ideal client is it's far more important to dig deeper into their psychographics than it is their demographics. 

You might have seen it online, a lot of people recommend you create an ideal client persona and give that person a name… So it might be Jess, shes’s 30 years old, lives in the city, works as a graphic designer, has a cat, gets her nails done every 2 weeks - this stuff isn’t necessarily important. It doesn’t matter if it’s Jess, or Sarah, or David, or Jack…

When we think about who our ideal client is we want to know more about the big things, the things that make them who they are…

Things like their personality, their values, goals, beliefs, what’s important to them, what they desire out of life, how they want to live their life, the type of person they are or that they desire to be. 

The things that make them tick, the problem they’re currently facing, the pain or the joy they’re experiencing. 

And it is from this point, once we truly understand who our ideal client is, what it is that they’re looking for, what they need, once we can truly understand how we can help them we can then begin to validate our ideas. 

Are the products or services we have developed something this particular person is looking for? 

Are we honestly able to help this person with whatever it is we do? 

And this leads into my last point, are we communicating with this person effectively. 

So point 3 - reasons you’re not attracting your dream clients is - you’re not effectively or clearly communicating with this person. Maybe your content isn’t resonating with them, it doesn’t address their needs, their beliefs, their desires. 

When it comes to content creation I see a lot of people just being far too broad when it comes to their messaging.

In a way you’re almost just trying to be everything to everyone, you’re not getting specific, you’re not speaking to your ideal client and it’s not clear what you do - what your niche is. 

So you can see why it’s so important that you actually really do this foundational work first and foremost, so that you can create content that helps you attract the right people.

If you are currently a business owner you will know that content creation can actually take up a lot of time, not only do we have social media to think about we also have blog posts and emails and website copy which is probably one of the biggest of all.

You can be doing all of the work, putting all of the effort into one area - say social media but if when people are getting to your website the message isn;t clear there then you;ll lose them really quickly. 

And content creation not only comes down to the words you use but also the visuals you use, the photos you post.

If you’re the interior designer I mentioned before, the one who only designs kitchens and bathrooms over $100k then your images need to represent that - no they don’t have to always be professional however they can’t be blurry, they can’t be badly lit - if you’re serious about attracting a high end client then your content needs to communicate that. 

And one last thing I want to pop in here before we wrap up - if you’re a service based business, an interior designer, graphic design, photographer, social media manager, personal trainer - people LOVE to see the people behind the brand. 

It helps us connect.

It helps to build rapport so much quicker. 

Which will help you convert those customers so much quicker also. 

So if you’re not already doing that, I highly recommend you really start to explore more ways you can incorporate more of you into your content to really give people a chance to get to know you. 

And just a quick recap before we go - 3 reasons you might not be attracting your ideal clients….

1 - You’re not clear on your niche

2 - You don’t truly understand who your ideal client is

3 - You’re not creating content that attracts the right people

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Thank you once again for joining me, I do hope you enjoyed todays episode and I look forward to chatting with you again soon. 

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