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October 8, 2021

Episode 19: Why I'm niching down even further

by Kristy Pask

About this episode.

In this episode I take you behind the scenes into my own business and reveal the reasons I have decided to niche down even further.

Like a lot of business owners, I think I subconsciously avoided niching down even further because I was afraid it would pigeon hole me, that my audience would become too small and that I would lose the people that had already chosen to connect with me - you might call this the fear of rejection.

This episode reveals my new focus (Marketing + Mindset Coach for Product Based business owners) and I discuss a little more why niching is so important for all businesses.


Todays episode is a little different, today I wanted to chat with you about Niching down, and in the process I wanted to take you behind the scenes into my own business, what’s been going on and why I have decided to niche down even further as a marketing and mindset coach. 

So to start with, let me give you just a little bit of background as to where this came from and why I have decided to niche down even further.

If you’ve been listening to the podcast for a little while you might have heard me begin speaking about a framework that I am launching to help business owners market their own business. 

I announced it would be released in September, and it’s now October and the framework is nowhere near ready, in fact I have completely put a hold on it, and here’s why. 

Once I got into creating it, it was HUGE. It was full of so much information covering every aspect of marketing that I had experience and knowledge in.

It covered everything, from social media marketing, website optimisation, collaborations, in-person activities such as events, trade shows, markets, there was a module for those that had a shopfront or a physical place to do business.

It covered strategy and planning, the customer journey, paid marketing, email marketing and an entire module dedicated to mindset - you name it, it was in there. 

It was supposed to be an intensive, 4-6 weeks of you working with me - you can see that there is no way anyone would have gotten through the content in that time frame. 

All I wanted to do was give you everything I knew so that you could go out and market your business, but I knew looking at the framework and everything I had down on paper, it was overwhelming and it was likely to have the opposite effect.

It was going to be so overwhelming that you, as a business owner you would probably start, feel like there was so much to learn, too much to do and you wouldn’t be able to take action because it was just so overwhelming and stressful - the opposite of what I want you to feel while working through this framework. 

It was at this point, with the help of my own coach, that I realised I was really trying to be everything to everyone. 

If you have a small business, I want to help you market it. I want to help you make a difference, I want to help you make money. 

And if we know anything about trying to be everything to everyone, it’s that we never really become known for anything in particular and you’ll likely struggle to make a stamp.

It’s the same as the saying ‘when you speak to everyone, you speak to no one’.

Another struggle that I was having was that I couldn’t clearly communicate the outcome or transformation anyone would get from working with me.

It was different for everyone, depending on what you needed from me and what sort of business you had. 

Like a lot of business owners, I think I subconsciously avoided niching down even further because I was afraid it would pigeon hole me, that my audience would become too small and that I would lose the people that had already chosen to follow me on socials or listen to this podcast.

However I realise that by not niching down, by not being specific, I am of little service to some of these people anyway, I won’t fully be able to help them because I am not who they are looking so I am better to declare it and allow them to immediately move on to find the person to work with they are really looking for that is going to help them grow their business. 

So, who do I help?

I am a marketing and mindset coach for product based business owners. 

This is my zone of genius. 

The vast majority of my 15 years marketing experience has been in helping fashion and lifestyle brands to market their products. 

In fact, I have worked with over 40 fashion and lifestyle brands on local, national and global marketing, social media, PR and wholesale strategies, 

I have worked with some incredible Australian and International brands and retailers but what I really love is the work I have done with small businesses across my career.

I love helping these businesses grow and I can honestly say that I’m as excited if not more excited than the creator or owner when I see them experience incredible wins, or amazing growth, or just seeing the brand owner reach a point where they just feel so much clarity about what they do and what they offer and when we can see everything really start to click and fall into place for them after all of their hard work. 

So I can honestly say working with product based businesses truly lights me up.

I get excited, I’m filled with ideas, I see so much opportunity and the potential for growth.

I love marketing these brands.

And as I hope you can also tell from hearing me speak about the framework I was putting together earlier in the episode, I am well across marketing these brands and know so many different and wonderful things we can do to help you grow your product based business. 

So before we finish up I just want to touch a little bit more on why niching is so important. 

I know it was kind of discussed when I shared my own story, however to elaborate just a little bit more as to why niching is so important…

Number one is - it actually helps you eliminate some of the competition. Unfortunately, there really aren’t too many original ideas anymore, if you can narrow it down you can focus specifically on targeting the right audience and the best customers for you, and this will strengthen your own brand.

Number two - as a product based business, when you are really clear on your niche, you know what your customer wants and you’re able to deliver them that exact product, you’re more likely to attract really passionate and loyal customers. They love you, they love your brand, they feel like you know and understand them, and they’ll want to keep coming back for more. 

And number three - it becomes easier to market your brand and your product. You understand your business and the direction you’re going in, you know what your customers are looking for and you know how to communicate with them.

The process feels easier and you’ll likely see a faster and stronger growth. As I mentioned in point two, you’ll attract more super fans, people who are passionate about what you do and what you have to offer. 

If you look at some of those realy, I’ll call them cult brands. The ones that stand out for a particular reason, they know who they are, they know who they’re for. 

They might not be any better than any other brand, but the way they are able to communicate their message and speak to their audience and find their people, means that they move forward faster. 

This work, this foundational work can be quite hard and maybe even a little scary, I know for me it was a little scary really beginning to niche down, however now that I have made the decision I can honestly say everything feels just that little bit easier. 

I know what my focus is, I better understand how I can serve my people and the ideas are flowing. 

The framework that I’ve mentioned a few times in this episode is coming in January 2022 so keep an eye out for that, I waitlist page will be added to my website shortly, however in the meantime if you would like me to pop your name down please shoot me a DM on instagram, you can find me at Kristy Pask . 

And if you would like to work with me in 2021, I am currently offering single 1:1 sessions for the rest of the year, this is the only way you can work with me right now so if you are keen please get in touch as I would love to help you end 2021 with a bang and make the most of the Q4 period. 

If you have any questions at all about todays episode please do get in touch with me, send me a DM on Instagram or shoot me an email - I will include the details in the show notes for you. 

Once again thank you so much for joining me, I look forward to chatting with you again soon.

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