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August 10, 2022

Episode 37: 5 Common mistakes that are slowing you down

by Kristy Pask

Lets chat about common mistakes that most of us make, definitely mistakes I have made, that slow down our progress, our business growth, and that often leave us feeling stuck. 

Being aware of these mistakes and being able to identify when you’re making them and then correcting course when you notice yourself making them, is going to help you to keep moving forward and will help you achieve your business goals faster. 

So lets dive into the 5 mistakes you might be making that are slowing you down. 

  1. Trying to be everything to everyone

As Seth Godin famously once said, ‘when you speak to everyone, you speak to no one’.

Defining your audience as women aged 25-45, who live in the city and love fashion isn’t going to set you apart and it’s not going to help you attract the right people who are ready to buy, who love what you have to offer. 

Instead it’s going to leave people confused, your messaging will fail to resonate with the right people because you’ll have less to say that is constructive, unique or relevant that tells people why you are different to your competitors, and why they should choose your brand. 

This will also save you time and money, there is no point spending money on advertising or time creating content on a platform your customers don’t even use. 

Your customers will have unique attitudes, behaviors and motivators and it’s your job to understand what these are and address them in your marketing. 

This will ensure you attract the right people, who share the same values, interests and desires who are ready to buy a product just like yours.

  1. Trying to make it perfect 

Perfection doesn't exist. There is no perfect time to launch that new product, your facebook banner probably doesn't need another revision and messy imperfect action is always going to win, hands down, over perfect inaction. 

Get the content out, it doesn’t need another revision, hit publish on the website, share the blog you’ve written, send the Instagram reel live even though you haven’t 100% nailed the timing of the lip sync. 

Trying to be perfect all the time leads to burn out and is counterproductive to our ultimate goal.

Instead, focus on progress and strive for your personal best. 

  1. Failing to look at the holistic strategy

We see too many business owners falling into the trap of focusing on one channel only and forgetting about the rest. 

While Social Media channels like Instagram and TikTok seem obvious and provide almost instant gratification through vanity metrics making us feel like our marketing is working, there is so much that we need to also be focusing on where the results might not be immediately noticed, however they’ll be felt for a long time after. 

Nurturing your email list, sending a repeat customer a special handwritten thank you note, replying personally to the messages you receive, saying thank you when someone shares or recommends your brand. 

It’s not about doing more marketing and being on every platform or channel, it’s about executing the *right* marketing strategies and tactics for your business that will connect you with your ideal customers in the spaces they already know and trust. 

  1. Lack of consistency

There are 2 ways we can look at consistency, and I’ll speak to both.

The first, and the way consistency is usually referred to, is actually frequency. You’ve probably heard it online 1,000 times, you need to show up consistently, and what the mean is a set number of times per week. And it’s true, showing up consistently with interesting, valuable and relevant content to share with your audience is going to help you grow and will help you make more sales. 

The second consistency, is consistency in messaging and branding. Dare I say it, maybe more important than frequency… If you’re showing up daily on socials but your messaging is everywhere, you’re trying to be everything to everyone and you don’t have an easy strategy to follow, it won’t matter how often you show up.

Confusion kills conversion, which is why it’s so important you’re able to explain who you are, what you do, how you’re different and why people should buy from you. 

  1. Giving up after one failure

Growing up, so many of us were taught that failure was bad. And it wasn’t necessarily from our parents or anyone close to us, growing up, we were really conditioned by society that failure was a bad thing.

That if we tried and failed, we looked bad, it was embarrassing. 

Instead of focusing on the simple fact something didn’t work, focus on what you can learn from that experience and take with you as you move forward. 

Our job is to understand or try to understand why we got the result that we did. What do we need to do differently to move forward? We pivot, we try something new, something different, we do things a different way and we keep trying until we get the outcome that we want. 

I challenge you to update your view, your opinion and your belief around failure.

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