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April 4, 2023

Episode 39: Becoming a Digital Nomad with Mariah MacInnes

by Kristy Pask

About this episode:

Ever wondered what it would be like to travel the world while also running a successful business? Mariah MacInnes is doing just that.

Currently traveling through QLD Australia and heading off to Europe in June, Mariah opens up and share with us in this episode:

✨ Her journey to becoming a Digital Nomad
✨ What it takes to run a business while traveling
✨ The challenges of running a business while traveling
✨ Her top tips for becoming a digital nomad

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About Mariah:

Mariah MacInnes, the Founder of Content Queen is a passionate traveller, digital nomad, serial rambler and big dreamer with a purpose to inform and educate. Mariah has been in the marketing industry for over 5 years and has a background in Journalism and Public Relations.  

A go-getter with huge energy and passion for writing, Mariah has recently found more of a balanced lifestyle after being diagnosed with 2 tumours in her bowel and pancreas. This health scare sent her on a self-health awareness journey, which she is always keen to talk about on social media and other content channels. 

Mariah started Content Queen in 2019 after feeling a pull to live a life travelling and exploring what the world has to offer. She now lives the digital nomad lifestyle while building her content marketing agency!

Connect with Mariah:

Website: www.contentqueenmariah.com
Instagram (Content Queen): https://www.instagram.com/contentqueenmariah/
Instagram (Mariah): https://www.instagram.com/mariah_contentqueen
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mariahmacinnes/ 

Get in touch with Kristy:
Website: https://kristypask.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kristypask/

Episode Transcription:

Kristy - Intro: Hello, and welcome back to unpack this. I am so excited to share with you today an interview that I recently did with Mariah McInnis, founder of Content Queen. Now, if you had listened to the previous season of this podcast, which I will link in the show notes for you. You might have heard an interview that I did with Mariah last season all around content marketing and the different marketing channels that we have access to and that we would love for you to consider. However, I invited Mariah back into the show this season to talk about something really quite different. And that is her journey as a digital don't know that. So in this episode, we dive into everything that has sort of taken her to get to this point where she is traveling Australia in a small SUV with her incredible partner.

They are camping their way up the East Coast sleeping in the car, really like doing all sorts of amazing adventurous things while at the same time, Mariah is still running her agency while on the road. So we dive into all of the intricacies of that, and she shares absolutely everything with us. So just in case you don't know who Mariah is, as I mentioned, she is the founder of Content Queen. And is a passionate traveler, digital nomad, serial rambler, and big dreamer with the purpose to inform and educate. Mariah has been in the marketing industry for over five years now and has a background in journalism and public relations.

A go-getter with huge energy and passion for writing, Mariah has recently found more of a balanced lifestyle after being diagnosed with two tumors in her bowel and pancreas. This health care sent her on a self health awareness journey, which she is always keen to talk about on social media and other content channels. Mariah started contact queen in two thousand and nineteen after feeling a pool to live a life, traveling, and exploring. What the world has to offer. She now lives the digital nomad lifestyle while building her content marketing agency.
So let's dive into this amazing chat with Mariah.

Mariah: So, yeah, my name is Mariah, and I am the founder of Content Queen. Which is a content marketing agency where we do one for one, like, one we've done for use services. I also do a lot of education around content marketing and storytelling and content creation. But I'm also yet currently on the road as I record this in the car, as my podcast studio. So, yeah, I'm traveling Australia in our SUV and lapping it. It's been such a good journey and really embracing the Digital Nomad life. So, yeah, that's a little bit about me and my story, but I'm sure we'll dive into it more. 

Kristy: Amazing. Yes. And for anyone that perhaps hasn't heard, Mariah and I have actually recorded a podcast episode together previously. So I will link that episode in the show notes as well. So you can go back and in that one we talk about all things content strategy as well. However, I really wanted to invite Mariah back on today because like she said, she is living almost out of her car, traveling Australia with her wonderful partner, and really diving into that digital nomad life. So, I guess, for a bit of context, for anyone who maybe hasn't really heard the term digital nomad before, can you please tell us a little bit more in your own words? You know, what is a digital nomad and I guess a bit more of your story and your path to becoming a digital nomad and why you chose this lifestyle?

Mariah: Yeah. That's a good question. It's funny I met up with a client last week on Zoom, and she was referred to me by my old boss in corporate. And she said he wrote in the email, she's a digital nomad, whatever that means. So yeah, of course, like, it can feel like a foreign term, but some might also know it as a laptop lifestyle.

But essentially, it is, you know, for me, it's just been traveling, working, and sort of really finding that balance between being a nomad, experiencing different countries, different cultures, and also building my mini empire over here, or my business. And I think it's funny, I was talking to my partner the other day and I said, like, do you think if we just traveled full time we'd get bored? And he's like, I don't know...
probably. Because for me, I can't just sit on the beach all day. I can't, like, I love doing nothing only sometimes, I'm so go-go, energy, which sometimes is my downfall. What we're doing at the moment is, yes, we'll work from our caravan park, our campsite wherever we are or a library and then we'll go and do it a little adventure.

Some days, we work a lot, and then other days, we don't work so much, and we go out and do something. And it just makes it a bit more fun and exciting because, like, it's not like, I know it sounds ridiculous to say, but when you do travel full time, you start to not appreciate it as much.

You know, we know how much we love our holidays. So it's that really nice balance, but and also not just working all the time and being like, oh my god I hate my business. So it's really like trying to find that balance. It's like, he can't know happiness if you don't know sadness. It's sort of like the same mix.
But anyway, so for me, it's just  taking my laptop, not having a permanent residence, although on paper I do for my address of correspondence, which is my parents house. But just like exploring the world with my partner and my business and not having to have a set base.

And it can be very scary and overwhelming at times, because full time travel is a little bit of a job on its own. But it's just really allowed me this sense of freedom and I find when I'm in a house, I do so much work and don't get outside and, like, don't do anything whereas this forces me outside and forces me to connect with nature and I love it. So in my own Digital nomad is just, yeah, like, experiencing the world whilst working at the same time and whilst, you know, digital and nomad.

So, like, having this online business and this experience and then also having this offline experience, which is travel. I’ve loved travel since I started traveling when I was at university, and I started a travel blog because I loved travel so much and got the travel bug, like, the minute I stepped off that plane. And I always traveled as a kid in Australia but never overseas. And once I got that, like, first hit.
I was like, oh my god. I love this to the point that I worked multiple jobs at university to pay for trips. I cleaned my brother's house for money. I cleaned my mom's best friend's house for money. Like, whatever I could do to travel more was my goal.

And I wanted to try and travel overseas, like, first off overseas, I think as a young person we don't really appreciate what we have in our own country. So I was really keen to travel overseas, do all that, and that was sort of the first stepping stone of my travel experience. And then I worked full time. I had no leaves at all ever, like, negatively. We could go into the negative. I used every bit of a negative leave.
I went on leave without pay. I did Europe trips. And my boss was always like, oh, where do you wanna go now? Lucky, he was amazing. And was like, okay. Whatever. And I remember wanting to live in New York. And that was my goal.

So I wanted to do PR and journalism because that was my, like, background in New York. And then I remember just like connecting to people online when I sort of started thinking about having my own business. And I was like, why do I have to stop at New York? Like, why can't I just travel everywhere, anywhere that I wanna go, why do I have to be like, because I know obviously visas and everything could be a bit of a headache. I was like, why do I have to, like, stay in one place? So that just set off th and I am this person. I am like a dog with a bone. Just, like, will always, you know, go above and beyond to make that happen.

For example, when I loved New York, it was like my mum would buy me New York stuff, New York pyjamas  - everything New York. When I want something, I'm, like, very obsessed with it.
Everyone knew that was my goal. And I I went to Europe in 2019 after I just started content queen as a side hustle with the goal to build and grow it.

I remember going to Europe and having a couple of clients. So I sort of experienced a little bit of a digital nomad life and I knew this was what I wanted. And that's why I started my business. I started freelancing on fiverr and did $10 press releases to pay for more travel because my full time job wasn't quite cutting it. 

Obviously, since then, I have lost my way a bit. I won't lie. I won't say, like, yeah. Well, from the minute that happened, like, I started traveling. No. Once I quit my full time job we were hard in COVID. So I feel this habit of staying at home and working and having this obsession with work in my business. And I think a lot of us when we first started out we were so obsessed with it. And then I moved to Sydney once lockdown kind of ended to start this digital nomad life.

I lived with someone I met online, Leanne, which we know both together. It's one of our connections. And, yeah, I just like, I didn't really live that in a remote life, I didn’t really  consider myself a digital nomad because I did have a home base. And I just got obsessed with work and then obviously I got sick.
So, really, the travel kicked off this year or end of last year with my partner when I was like, no. Let's just start now. We're originally gonna start in June. We're going to Europe. I was like, why?
Like, what are we doing? Why are we paying rent? Like, let's just do it. And Mitch, my partner has a little SUV. Let's just convert it into a bed. Let's just do it. Like, massive epiphany moment.

In November 2022, we went to Vietnam too and we didn’t want to return to any home, so we stayed with my parents for a bit, did up the car. And now, like, we've been doing it ever since and, like, obviously, there's days sort of tough, but, like, that's a lot. You know, I know everything's perfect. But I really feel like this is what I was meant to do. Like, I feel so generally connected to the community of travelers and I'm just like, this is where I'm meant to be.

Like, this is it. And of course, I'll have a home base at one point, but I'm just so not ready for that right now. So that is all very long with the answer of my journey, but that's sort of like how it's all kicked off.

Kristy: Yeah. Yeah. I love that and I love that you're doing something that you love while also doing something else that you really love, that you've been able to combine the two. And I was thinking as well and I love that you said that, when you kicked off your own business, there are so many reasons why we do start businesses.

But so many of us as well, are searching for something like time freedom or location freedom or financial freedom. Like, there is, so often an element of freedom that we're searching for and that sometimes really does get lost along the way. You know, we end up starting these businesses because we wanna work for ourselves. We wanna have our own time and we wanna have our own schedules. And then all of a sudden, we're working fourteen hour days every single day.

So it can be a bit like that, but I love that you have escaped and that you're doing it. And so you're off to Europe, engine, which is so exciting.

Mariah: Yes. It can be hard. The thing that's been a bit challenging, traveling and working, is trying to plan your next lot of travels. And that's why it's almost a full time job in itself.
So, like, we haven't not finished planning, like, obviously, you wanna be in the moment, but you have to plan a little bit ahead. And we do like to work out where we're gonna be and like, I swear to God, Mitch, never knows where we are. Like, he goes, I don't know. You're gonna be really mad at me. Like, where are we staying tonight?

I'm like, honestly. It’s a full time job trying to, like, keep you out with the travels. But so we started planning here because we just booked our tickets and, like, that we had to, like, okay. Let's just sit down and do some. So we haven't finished, like, planning out our route from Sunny Coast to Cairns because we're currently in Queensland.

But we have booked some things in Europe because you kinda have to, like and and some things, especially since the year of summer, you kinda have to get ahead and we booked our accommodation for Oktoberfest. Because we knew that that was gonna sell out quickly, so we did that. But, yeah, it's just sort of, like, balancing the planning of these things, like, I'm a big, like, project manager. Like, I feel like that's probably my, like, second calling in life at some point. So I have, like, project manager even though Spain was meant to be, like, Mitch's plan because he's got family in Spain.

He's done a lot of the planning, but I just, like, take over because I love planning. So we've started planning bits and pieces. But as I said, we kinda have to, like, really dedicate to plan everything and make sure, like, things align. And also, like, things are so expensive now. I can't believe the price of backpacker is like, we stayed in one in Brisbane just because we had a festival last week, and it was a hundred and thirty dollars a night. Obviously, we had our own room, but a shared bathroom. I was like, what's happening? We'll see what Europe brings.

Kristy: Yeah. That sounds so exciting, though. I was gonna ask you as well because I know that you do have people that work with you. You've got a team. And obviously, you know, you need to organize your own work schedule, you need to organize where you're gonna be.
But you also have a team of people that you need to manage and delegate and that work with you. So how do you find, how do you prepare for all of this and what sort of challenges have really come up in, you know, all of those aspects as well?

Mariah: Yeah. That is a good question, because something I haven't reflected on and just have kept going. But I did hit like, I had to really sit myself down at the end of last year and be like, okay, if I'm gonna travel, what does that look like, and what does that look like for my business? Because right now, I'm not in a position to be traveling. Like, it's just not gonna happen because I'm just my workload is full.
I have a big team. Like, not a big team, but, like, seven people we’re still quite big. All working on various different things. And the universe delivers what you need because I lost 3 clients very quickly. Which was a shock and hard and haven't really reflected on it a lot, and it's definitely something I will share more openly once I've really started to digest it, but then I had to make some changes in my team.

I still have four people in my team, but I did have to make cuts. It was very hard. Like, one of the hardest things I've ever had to do, but it was more so because I was like, okay. Well, these clients have freed up more time. And obviously, this has given me a chance to reflect on the business and see where I moved up moving forward.

Obviously, I still do one on one work, but like how can I really build this educational side of the business? Because this is giving me an opportunity to do that, and this is giving me the space. So now I have less people to manage, one of them being my partner who sits next to me. So how I sort of run it is I have a project management tool, which is Click Up. And, like, 2021 when I started to really build up my team, I started to put together my processes.

So what needs to happen for this to go out or if we're working on this client, who does what role, and, like, how does that work, you know, and and where what are the deadlines? And I really worked on that because it was my systems that were letting me down in the past. And that has really helped me. So, like, all I have to do is, like, click on you know, Nicole, who's in my team's name, and I know what she's working on. So I know her due dates.

I know what's happening. And then we just do, like, check ins. The good thing is I set a really good foundation before I started this travel. So now everyone's kinda doing that thing. Obviously, I'm gonna have times or any differences coming up.

But I have people from different parts of the world anyway. So it, you know, we've learned to adapt. The biggest thing for me has been setting up the back end so that we know what needs to be done. And there's no like who's doing what. Everyone has their tasks assigned to them.

They know what they're doing. Maybe there's a feed back and forth questions that they need from me, but I never feel like I'm out of control with my team and I did work a lot of work on leadership. I didn't have much leadership experience when I started my agency, and that was one of the things I really, really invested in because I'm like, I need to be a better lead up. For myself, for my team, for my clients because otherwise, it's just not gonna work. I made a lot of mistakes at the start.

Don't get me wrong, like, huge, huge mistakes, but we learned from them. And now it's kinda on auto pilot. I don't think about it too much. Like, how is this working? But the biggest one is my Click Up.

When I open my click up, I know what tasks I need to do. Have a quick check-in with my team, you know, Mitch, obviously. Sits next to me so I can just check-in with him, but I just do voice noting with my team to work out what they're doing. And I have different people like some do, like, hourly stuff, so they might work on different projects. But then I have some that are like, this is your set task every week.

It does not change, so it does not matter. And we don't have to check-in as much because you know, I know what they're doing. Yeah. So, yeah, processes are huge and leadership and self leadership. And, you know, knowing that there's gonna be mistakes and just like trying to just work through it.

And, yeah, I think that's been my biggest thing. But right now, as I travel, I feel really set the base and now it's just like working really really well and just being mindful now of what retainer work I take on and how that's gonna fit in the team and sort of, like, not my goal right now is not this big agency. It never was going to be this, like, 50 client agency, we’re always gonna be small, but now I'm sort of just like at that time in my life where Yeah. I'm kind of not looking to scale exponentially. I'm looking to just grow steadily.

And whereas I felt like at the beginning, that's where I was yes, I can grow and add on, like, scale and that's how I go off track to my vision. And when I, like, reconnected with why I started this, I'm, like, this is not aligned. What am I doing? And I had to call myself out and make a few changes. So it's been a journey, but it always is.

And we just have to accept that we're gonna go off track. But if we don't go off track, we think we don't know what we really truly want. And going off track was a challenge and it and I think back and back, oh, like, the writing was on the wall, but it is what it is.

Kristy: Yeah. And that's such good insight too. Thank you for sharing that. Like, there is, you know, what we see on Instagram. And I know you share a lot of the journey and you're very open and very honest that you know, like, what so much of it's like, we see from other people’s documentation, it's a very, glamorous lifestyle, you know, the digital nomad thing, but there is like you're bringing into reality there. 

There's this very unsexy side. That's all about your decisions and processes and, like, all of these things that it really, like, you really really need to focus on because if that falls down, you've gotta keep on top of things and you've got clients and stuff like that.

But you did mention as well actually that you've sort of focused, I guess, a little bit on creating more educational offerings and bringing that side back of your business as well.
And I did notice that you shared the other day on Instagram actually, that recently during a house sitting stay, you've actually revived a previous course that you used to offer.

Mariah: Yeah, yeah, yeah. It was that opportunity just to film and get it done. But, yeah, going back also to that glamorous thing. Mitch and I have a TikTok where we  just kind of document it. And I'm, like, let's just start documenting it just exactly like it is, the good and the not so great I've seen these really aesthetic van life and morning routines. You should see me get out of bed. Like, out of this car in the morning. You, like, open the door and you gotta throw your shoes out and you're gonna kinda put yourself in a ball and, like, get yourself out of the car.

And I think this is also an important reminder. You know, we wanna share the vulnerability of our business, and we're always told to be vulnerable, be authentic. But when you're ready to share, like, all of that stuff that's happened in the last 3 months, I haven't even had time to process, and I know it's gonna make for amazing lessons and stories and everything, but I'm just, like, sitting with it. And I think that's important to remember too when you see people saying like, You have to show the ins and outs, of course, you want to, but when you're ready and people share very differently, and it depends on, like, with my health journey, I shared straight away. With my relationship, I shared straight away.
Business and my mindset. We're working on it. We're working. It's an egoic thing. Right?

It's always like, that did work and and everything like that and going back with that course. Like, that was when I ran in 2020. I ran it twice. I chucked it on a portal and kind of just neglected it and sold it out like a really cheap price. And I was like, this is the backbone of what I teach. What am I doing? And I I went to a a birthing retreat, a business birthing retreat, which is why, like, taking time out of your businesses to work on the business, not in the business is so important because, like, I rebirthed this whole, like, content, like, acronym e type thing and, like, was just like, let's just revisit it and bring it back to life because there's so much good value in it. But I'm not doing anything with it, and I actually had like a year reading, like, I have a spiritual side to me. And one of the main points that come up was this year is your time to educate. And I was like, oh, there we go. And I was just, like, reconfirmed what I needed to do.

We were in house sitting. We like, the dog was kind of, like, didn't wanna just go and explore Byron and leave the dog at home. Like, we wanted to give the dog the love as well. So I just, upstairs, bedroom, Mitch made all the canva slides for me, and I just, like, smashed it out and recorded it all and just got it done. And it was a lot of work, but now it's done. And now it's time to do the selling part of it and and just, like, help people with it because, like, I've this is what I used to be my clients. This is what I used to have a strategy session. Like, this is like the backbone of what I teach, and it blends a bit of storytelling in there, which was missing in it before.

And it's just like that's what I wanna utilize. And of course, like, I'm not the type that's like, I'm just gonna run a passive income business and just like sit on the beach all day. That like, because that also doesn't happen. Like, I'm sure entrepreneurs say they do that. No.
No. Like, they're showing up on social media. They're working. Like, there's always stuff that goes on in the background.

And I and I can't be that passive, like, here you go here's, of course, goodbye. Like, I wanna be involved in these people's lives and I wanna help them grow and so that's just one element and, you know, whether it's down the track. When I'm ready to settle down and have a house and or maybe have an office with an agency, maybe that's what it is in the future.
But right now, it's just like just, go through the motions and just, like, teach people and help people and see where it goes. Like, I'm just at this point now where, I was always career focused and now I'm just kind of trying to balance the two. I'm just like, live life, build the career, but I don't need it to be a million dollar empire anytime soon. 

Kristy: Absolutely. Just the beginning. There's still so much ahead of you. So much time. And like he said, I I think it's interesting as well that as you're traveling, you're sort of working out, what works for you and the team, and it feels like it's kind of inspiring you as well, you know, like to bring back things or do things differently or talk about things differently.
You've got so much lived experience as well from the travel and also from the last couple of years anyway. Different iterations of your business from, like, the working all day every day to, you know, the living in your car and taking time off to explore waterfalls and, you know, see the sites of the random town that you end up in. So -- Yeah. -- sounds like a lot of fun. Hard work, definitely. I'm definitely not gonna say that it sounds like it's easy. I mean, you all know how much goes into planning a holiday. Like, if you're only gonna be in one place for five days, like, you're constantly thinking about what comes next as well.

So, for anyone who's thinking about this kind of lifestyle that wants to travel the world, that wants to run their business, or, you know, whatever that looks like for them. What sort of advice would you offer them, things to think about? And yeah. What advice would you like to give?

Mariah: Yeah. No. That's a great question because, like, you know, I know it's had my time again, obviously, starting out my business. COVID didn't help, but, like, trying to set the business model that you wanna create. Because when I started, I was doing hours, you know, hours for money. And that doesn't work very well. Like, you cap yourself. Right?
You max yourself out of how much money you can earn based on the hours that you wanna do. So, like, if you only wanna work, fifteen hour a week, you're only gonna get that hourly rate. Right? So definitely setting up, like, a business model is gonna help, but also in not being afraid to, like, look at other income streams as well. Like, look at like, you can make money in so many other ways, and that's like a big thing for me this year.

Like, yes, like, retainers are the biggest way I make, like, you know, how I make most of my money, but it actually isn't in a way because, look, you've gotta give that time back too. And as I said, I don't wanna be just sitting here making passive courses and just being, like, okay, click done, like, a network wanna, like, see these people. I'll just, like, send them a couple of emails. That's just not how I roll. But it's just, like, finding different ways to make money whilst you know, so that you can set yourself up.

And then maybe you can have two weeks off and then travel because that's one thing I'm still working through is like, how do we take time off and how do we do that, but I know it's growing and evolving and everything. So definitely finding that business model that works. 

Been very, very realistic with your time. You know, it really hasn't been so I started traveling like, oh, I can get things done quick. And I know that I do work quickly and that's just how I am.
I know but I also know not everyone is like that. So being realistic with how much you can get done at your time, it seems traveling, I've really realized how much time things take and even, like, not just work things like cooking dinner. Is just so much more work. Yep. You know, having a shower is you're gonna get your stuff, take it to the shower, then you've got a mop it, you know, if you’re a good caravan, they call them parkies. So being realistic with the time is my second thing. 

And the third one is just setting up those processes now so that you know, like, what work it takes to create my week of socials. What work does it take to do that? Whether you're a coach, whether you're a product based like what work needs to be done weekly so that I can schedule out my days like, okay. For me, I do like Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursdays is more like writing and content creation.

So I know, like, Mondays and Fridays, we can do a bit more travel because it's more admin and, like, not time sensitive things whereas, like, you know, and then over the weekends, like, maybe on a Sunday afternoon, I might jump back on, but, like, Also, you know, like, you don't have to work that traditional 9-5. You know, Sundays, we will. Sundays, like, I'll do morning and then we'll go do something in the afternoon and then we'll come back and we might work. To nine o'clock at night. But, like, it's so that we can travel.

Like, obviously, sometimes you gotta be mindful of how healthy the lifestyle is too. So that's, like, probably an extended bit of advice is you gotta, like, look after yourself too. Like, we will try and exercise, like, don't get up in the morning of work straight away so we can get it all done and then have the afternoon. No. No. No. We try and, like, you know, build a routine around, like, we'll have breakfast. We'll do some exercise. We do meditation. We read, like, we do those things.

Like, we would if we'd lived in a house so that we have that sort of, like, ritual or routine that we need as humans. Yep. So, yeah, like, definitely, the business model definitely being realistic with your time and then also, like, having the back end things set up. You can chip away at those, but, like, just so you know what we need to do that day because we we often spend more time thinking about what we have to do than doing the task as well. So -- Yes-- if you can take that brain power away, like, it's just yeah. It's so much easier. And then yeah. Just looking after yourself in general is so important, like, you know, eating. We eat, like, really good and, like, but I know you can definitely, like, eat that or, you know, skip your exercise.

Like, it's just so easy because, like, you kind of your life is weird. Everything weird every day is weird, like, different, like, nothing is ever, like, this is how it's gonna go to plan. So yeah. And then I guess like the last one is just knowing that, like, there's bad days when you travel. Like, it is not amazing all the time.

But the moments of gratitude are just, like, unlike anything I've ever experienced. I think that's where it's, like, the good is, like, amazing. You know, we've had flat batteries. We've had rain. We nearly lost our tent the other day. Like, the storm was so bad that we nearly lost our tent. Some people did lose their tent. Yeah. The rain was awful.

It's just we don't get that when you're in your house. Like, so it's just, like, you have to take the bad with the good, but the good is just, like, next level, amazing gratitude. Because that's what happens when you're living in alignment with what you wanna do. Right? Do you think whether it's travel, whether it's like starting your dream business, whether she's having more time with your family, like, if that's your vision, that next level gratitude will be amazing.

Kristy: So so good. It sounds like you're having a lot of fun, but I love that you've shared so much realness because it doesn't make it sound like it's just really easy, but it makes it sound like it's really worth it.

So, yeah, thank you so much. I loved hearing all of that. So much goodness. I would love to do it as well. But, yeah, pick up two kids as well. We'll see. Maybe one day. 

Mariah: Yeah. That's a whole other job on its own, like, looking after ourselves is enough. I think we’d do it when we have kids eventually, but, like, yeah. It's just that it's a full time job, then being a parent is a full time job, and then having a business is a full time job.
So, like, yeah. -- the people have done it, so it's totally possible. 

Krsty:Absolutely. Yes. Amazing. Thank you so much, Mariah.
I've loved chatting with you today, and thank you so much for everything that you have shared.

Mariah: Thank you. Thank you for having me now. It was super fun and it's good to debrief, you know. I I haven't thought of these things, so it's good to chat about it as well.

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