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May 2, 2023

Episode 42: How a $26 product changed everything with Carinda Gosling of This is Co.

by Kristy Pask

Create Impact and Income while growing your dream business and dive into the world of Digital Products, Memberships, Passive and Semi Passive offers - and make it profitable, with Carinda Gosling {not exactly a catchy title, but we cover all of this and more inside this episode!}

Carinda Gosling, Founder of This is Co and This is Carinda is my incredible guest this week and in this episode Carinda dives deep, shares big and so openly and generously shares with us the story of her 10 year business journey and what it looked like as she grew her business a from side hustle to a seven figure company.

In this episode we discuss:

✨ Carinda's business journey, how and why she got started and how she got to where she is today

✨ The evolution of her business, from done-for-you services to digital products and a thriving membership and online community

✨ What exactly is a digital product, what type of businesses do they suit best and how you can get started on one today

✨ How this $26 digital product changed her business forever

✨ The mindset she adopted to become a thriving business owner - we talk all things imposter syndrome, perfectionism and self-doubt

Strap yourself in because this one is a goodie!!

About Carinda

Carinda is a word-nerd,  marketing sidekick and digital product mentor who has been helping small businesses for over 10 years get seen, loved and selling through copy, content and compelling marketing…

…And since 2020? She’s been perfecting the art of helping solopreneurs ignite and SCALE their business income + impact {+ enjoyment} through digital products.

From bringing brands to life through standout brand positioning + content, to helping small biz owners build their end-to-end marketing plans and master them with ease {and serious shortcuts} and then adding stand out, sell out digital offers into their biz so they can make impact and income without overwhelm or overwork {and often in their SLEEP}, Carinda is the support by the side of small biz owners and solopreneurs through it all. 

You can come hang out with her and learn how to master words + marketing strategy for your biz to get seen, loved and selling at This is Co. https://www.instagram.com/this_is_co._/ and then come over to https://www.instagram.com/this_is_carinda/ to scale and make sales in your sleep.

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