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February 24, 2021

Episode 5: NLP, the subconscious mind and becoming a certified coach with Brooke Alexander

by Kristy Pask

About this episode.

This week I chatted with Brooke Alexander, founder of The Created Coach Method and Master NLP Practitioner on how NLP,  T.I.M.E Techniques, EFT and Hypnosis have changed her life and her business. Brooke has been a Coach and a Mentor of mine since 2019 and I am so excited to be supporting her in the launch of the next live round of The Created Coach Method. 

In this episode we deep dive into all of the modalities she teaches and we can integrate all of these into our own lives and businesses to help us overcome perfectionism, take action and build the business and the life we're dreaming of. 


In this episode we discuss:

✨ What exactly is NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming)?
✨ How has NLP, and all of the modalities Brooke teaches have changed her life, and her business?
✨ How NLP, Hypnosis, T.I.M.E techniques and EFT can help you move through self doubt, overwhelm, overthinking, fear of judgement and help you feel more empowered and inspired to take more action.
✨ Brookes vision for Created Coaches and what makes them different.
✨ How working with a certified coach might help you achieve different results.

Links and Resources.

Learn more about becoming a certified coach with Brooke here.

Connect with Brooke on Instagram here.

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