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July 6, 2023

Episode 50: The Instagram philosophy that will transform your business with Social Shirley

by Kristy Pask

{Spoiler alert} Staying on top of every Instagram update, new feature or latest trend 1000% isn't going to be the thing the helps you to grow your business using Instagram...

There is another way, a much better way - and this weeks incredible guest Social Shirley, spills the tea on what is most important for you, the business owner, to know, understand and do, to truly grow your audience and build your business using Instagram.

In this episode we discuss:

✨ Shirley's Instagram philosophy - how she uses and teaches Instagram for business

✨ How to build your confidence and show up for yourself and your community

✨ The mistakes that are preventing you from growing your audience and converting that audience into clients

✨ How to move through the fear of sounding salesy

✨ The one thing Shirley wish every business owner knew when it came to using IG to grow your business.

About Shirley:

Shirley is a mother to 3 children and the CEO of Social Shirley. She is a coach, a mentor
and has a no-fluff approach to marketing.

Shirley is on a mission to show coaches and business owners that building your brand
online, so that people fall in love with you and want your offers is not complicated and it doesn’t need to be hard.

She is proof that you don’t need to work 24/7 to grow your business and scale it, but that you can achieve your own version of success, according to your own schedule, around your family and using a sustainable business and marketing strategy.

Links and resources:

Check out Reel Camera Confidence: www.socialshirley.com/reelcameraconfidence

Learn how to Sell on Instagram Stories in Selling on Stories School: www.socialshirley.com/sellingonstoriesschoolmasterclassandtoolkit

Find out more about Shirley's membership - the Social Standout Society: www.socialshirley.com/thesocialstandoutsociety

Connect with Shirley on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/social.shirley

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