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August 17, 2023

Episode 56: How to elevate your business by fusing strategy, energetics and spirituality with Laura Siva of The Creatrix Co

by Kristy Pask

What if there was a way to run your business that was fun, felt easier and was more aligned with the way in which you like to work?

Today's incredible guest, Laura Siva of The Creatrix Co, is so passionate about blending practical strategies, spiritual tools, and personal energy in a way that really helps you to build a business (and a life) that is so much more fulfilling.

In this episode we discuss:

✨ Laura's unique business journey and what lead her here

✨ The integration of spirituality, strategy and practicality

✨ How understanding your personal energy  and energy patterns can impact productivity, decision-making, and business success.

✨ Feminine vs Masculine energy - how to identify what is needed right now

✨ The importance of listening to your own body to avoid burnout

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