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August 9, 2023

Epsiode 55: Mastering your Positioning and Branding. Yes, it can be make or break!

by Kristy Pask

We live in this incredible time where almost anyone can start a business. So what sets you apart? Why should people choose you and your brand?

Failing to position your brand  in the market, in the segment of the market that you want to sit can be the difference between absolutely no sales and an early closure, or creating a brand that generates 6 or 7 figures in sales annually.

Last week I shared an instagram post that said - you aren’t too expensive, you’re just attracting the wrong people. And this is the perfect example of having not effectively positioned your brand in the market.

If people are telling you that you are too expensive, it is because you haven’t demonstrated the value of your product. There is often a misalignment between where you believe the product sits in the market and where the customer does.

While we cannot control other people's thoughts and opinions, however we can influence them, and within your marketing is where that should be happening.

In this episode, not only do I dive deeper into a discussion on branding and positioning, I'm giving you a real life example or how, in my corporate days, we worked to completely reposition a fashion brand into a new market.

I discuss how we did it, what the strategy looked like and the incredible results.


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