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November 14, 2019

Five essential things to know before rebranding

by Kristy Pask

So you’ve done the DIY branding thing, or you’ve outgrown your existing visual brand and you’re ready to invest in the holy grail for your visual brand, a specialist branding designer! This graphic design specialist is like gold dust for your brand. A branding designer specialises in creating a cohesive look and feel for your brand that is targeted towards your ideal client. They focus on creating an authentic, emotion-packed visual feast to represent your brand, that will make your audience SWOON!

Here’s five essential things you should know about your brand, BEFORE investing in a brand designer.

  • Know your client avatar intimately.

Your designer will need to understand who your brand aims to help. Create a detailed profile of your client avatar, ideal client or best-ever customer, so that your designer can paint a mental picture of who you want to attract. The more intimately you understand your ideal customer, the better your designer will be able to translate your message visually.

  • Identify the pain point that your product or service solves.

Understand the exact thing that will make your customers come looking for you. What is the need they have that your product or service can fulfil? This will help your branding designer understand how your ideal client is feeling, and what visual cues will be the most attractive to them.

  • Understand the personality of your brand.

Get to know your brand and the vibe you’d like it to have. Is it beachy, relaxed and chilled, or elegant, luxurious and clean? Experiment with different adjectives that work together to describe the vibe of your brand so that your branding designer can translate these visually.

  • Collate visual examples.

It’s true that your branding designer will guide the overall visual look and feel for your brand by extracting information from you. However, they are not mind readers! It is imperative to collate visual examples that you feel reflect the vibe and message of your own brand for your branding designer to use as a springboard for inspiration. Telling a branding designer to ‘come up with something’ is like asking a chef to cook you a surprise! Eek! Nobody wants a surprise!

  • Trust the process.

Your branding designer will have spent years refining and honing the process that works best for them and one they know will produce the best results for your brand. Do your research to ensure that you feel 100% comfortable with your brand stylist and their process. 

At the end of the day, whether you’re a start-up wanting to launch with a bang, or an established business that has evolved and is ready for ‘grown-up’ visual branding, you need to know where your brand is heading, who your ideal client is and what type of visual vibe or personality you know it should have before working with a branding designer. Sure, you can create a visual brand that looks pretty and you personally love… but I can guarantee the best outcome will always come from doing your research and designing your brand to send the right messages to the right people.

A little more about Rachel:

Rachel is a brand stylist, graphic designer, and illustrator.  She creates memorable visual brands for women in business by creating a bespoke look and feel that reflects their philosophies, tells a unique story for their potential clients/customers and sets the ambience for their beloved biz-baby




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