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October 14, 2019

Get ready for your personal brand photography session

by Kristy Pask

It’s happening 📸 You took the plunge and hired a photographer to do a Personal Branding session with you, they’re coming around tomorrow… So, what do you need to do? How do you get ready?

Here’s what I recommend. 

🏡 It’s time to tidy up. It’s doesn’t have to be spotless or sparking, BUT for best results get rid of the clutter and any mess. Put the dishes away, wipe down surfaces, get rid of that pile of papers on the dining table, remove old coffee mugs – just tidy up.

 🛋 Work out the area’s / rooms you’ll be shooting and move any furniture around that you need to – this also includes adding things in such as decorative items, plants, anything that will add to the space and create the ‘feel’ you are after.

🤸‍♀️Don’t be afraid to stage certain spaces for photos – if you have a great light filled room that you think it would be great for photographs, bring your desk in or set the area up for the shoot. It seems like a bit of work but you won’t regret it once you’re done and you see the photos.

💃 Have all of your props and outfits ready to go! Iron any clothes the day before and make sure everything is clean – this also includes cleaning things like your computer and phone screens if you plan on using them in the shoot. Smudges can show up in photos and there is only so much your photographer can do to clear it, give your screens a wipe down.

🧖‍♀️ On the morning of, take it easy and allow yourself enough time to get ready. If you’re doing your hair and make-up yourself allow yourself ample time, there is nothing worse than rushing and going into a shoot feeling less that fresh and a little frazzled!

📸 When your photographer arrives take your time, show them around and chat with them about how the shoot will unfold. Go into the shoot as calmly as possible, you’ll soon find your mojo and be creating photographic magic!

Getting ready in the days leading up to the shoot allows you a little more space to breathe and relax on the day of the shoot so you can go into the shoot calm and ready to roll.

If you’d like to lock in a personal branding session with me I have session times available throughout the rest of the year - think about how amazing kicking off 2020 is going to be with a fresh, professional bank of images ready to take your brand to the next level.

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