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March 23, 2020

Is 'Done' really better than 'Perfect'?

by Kristy Pask

Is ‘done’ really better than perfect? 🤔⁠

Last week I had a personal branding photography session with Courtney Gold Photography, and going into it I didn’t feel at all prepared! I had booked the shoot about 10 days prior and had planned to do a little shopping to find myself one or two nice things to wear... But I didn’t, and on the morning of I had to make the most of what I had inside my wardrobe, which obviously wasn’t what I had in mind when I had this big vision for this shoot.

A part of me wanted to postpone the shoot for at least a couple of days, but not only was it too late to postpone, I’d been waiting for this shoot for such a long time, that I decided not doing it was going to cause me more pain than actually going ahead, imperfectly. 💃⁠

What do I mean by ‘not doing it was going to cause me more pain than actually going ahead’? Basically, I felt like not going ahead with the shoot was going to allow my reason to not show up, I needed this images for social media, I needed them to update my website, every time I would go to post something I would spend an extreme amount of time looking for an image to use, and I knew this shoot would solve that issue.

It reminded me of all the things we want to do, or that we know we need to do but we don’t because we’re waiting for the perfect situation… Like not going live with your website because you think you need to rewrite a small paragraph of text, not booking your branding photoshoot because you haven't found the perfect outfit, not getting on video because your house is messy or your hair looks like crap (according to you), or not launching that podcast because you haven’t found the perfect intro jingle… ⁠

But what is perfect? What defines it? What does it look, feel and sound like to you? I’m willing to bet that nothing will ever be perfect, if like me you’re wanting to book a photoshoot, you could have the perfect outfits, it could be the most amazing day, you could love the venue you were shooting at, but I’m pretty sure that if you were aiming for ‘perfect’, you would still find a way to measure the shoot as coming up short. And it probably has more to do with your mindset than anything else…

What if in striving for perfect, you’re actually just making excuses to get yourself out of doing the thing that actually frightens you a little, the thing you probably really do need to do, but you’re just not confident in going all in with. Maybe you’re overthinking it, maybe the fear is holding you back… ⁠

Maybe done, really is better than perfect! ❤️⁠

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