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May 5, 2020

The language you use, matters.

by Kristy Pask

I'm about to let you in on a little NLP that could change the way you speak to your clients...⁠

Beware, having a better understanding of this can increase the effectiveness of your communication and help to increase sales! ⁠

We already know that people process information differently, we use different senses to form our experiences and view of the world. ⁠

In NLP, we refer to this as a 'Representational System'. ⁠

The three most commonly used 'Rep Systems' (or senses) that people use are Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic. ⁠

So how do you learn which Rep System someone uses? ⁠

👀 I see what you mean. Let me take a look. It appears to me. Just imagine... An example of an VISUAL rep system.⁠

👂🏼 I can hear what you're saying. That rings a bell. Tell me what you mean. That sounds like a great idea. An example of an AUDITORY rep system. ⁠

🙏 This feels really good to me. Can I get a concrete decision? I'd like to get in touch with. Let me pull some strings. An example of an KINESTHETIC rep system. ⁠

So how can this help you...? ⁠

If you can identify which rep system someone is favouring you can change the language you use to match this, it not only increases rapport (increasing like and trust),⁠

But it allows you to communicate with them in a way they can truly understand.⁠

So if someone is saying to you 'I don't see how this will work for me' (Visual), rather than coming back saying 'Let me describe this to you in more detail' (Auditory) you could say something like 'Let me show you' (Visual) - so you are matching their language.⁠

If you're creating a sales page, incorporating a mix of all three will better help you communicate with different people as they move through the page. ⁠

You can also use this to better communicate with your partner, you parents, your children, your friends, your boss, your students, anyone!⁠

Hot tip - generally, people who favour Visual and Auditory speak quicker, use 'um' or 'ah' more frequently and process info quickly. ⁠

Kinesthetic often speak more slowly and are more considered. ⁠

In case you're wondering, I am an even mix of Visual and Kinesthetic.⁠

What do you think? Will this help you better communicate with your audience?

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